“Tribes” at The Gate Theatre, Dublin

The Gate Theatre production of; “Tribes” seen at The Gate Theatre, Dublin. Part of the 2017 Dublin Theatre Festival
28th September - 11th November 2017
On 11th October last I had a very edgy, challenging, engaging and informative theatre experience at the Irish Premier of Nina Raine’s play “Tribes” at The Gate Theatre, Dublin
Scenographer Conor Murphy’s performance space for the play is set in a dark, ultra-stark, austere modernist dining room. Above the stage there are three borders the width of the performance area. Each border consist of five synchronised flat screen televisions in line so as to provide a horizontal linear image the width of the performance space. They were to good dramatic effect, augmenting the oscillating emotional moods of the performance and denoting time of day or night. They also were used to good effect in showing thoughts, translating sign language, showing memory flash-backs, the symbolic silence, isolation of an underwater sequence and provided for a change in location by lowering the downstage border of screens to near stage level.
Conor Murphy uses his control of costume colour and monochromatic greys to good effect in expressing emotion, happiness, dysfunction, hearing v deafness,
Photo Curtsey of The Gate Theatre
The dramatic and subtle lighting changes designed by Mimi Jordan Sherin moves in tandem with the mood changes of characters and the tensions of the moments. Characters are isolated, sometimes apparently freeze framed and at other moments animated into action by a lighting change.
Set and Costumes designed by scenographer Conor Murphy. The production is directed by Oonagh Murphy, Lighting Design by Mimi Jordan Sherin, Sound Design Ivan Birthistle, Hair and Make-up Stacey Regan, Wardrobe Assistant and Dresser Corinna Govan, Video Designer Conan McIvor

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Thursday, 12 October, 2017