A glossary of Stage Terms for students exploring design for Stage and Screen


OP or Opposite Prompt is the right hand side (stage right) of the stage as from the performer’s view facing the audience. Also see Prompt Side and Prompt Corner.


PS or Prompt Side is the left hand side of the stage as viewed facing the audience.

Off Stage

Off Stage includes areas that are off the stage, areas outside the performance area, such as the wings and backstage.

Black Leg

Black Leg. A vertical hanging fire retardant or fireproof black drape used for masking off stage areas such as the wings.

Box Truss

Box Truss, is a system of lengths of hollow aluminum tubes wielded together by short lengths aluminium bars. The truss is manufactured in straight or curved sections which can be joinedtogether at right angles or in curved units. It is used mostly to provide tempory grids for stages and for lighting.


The Parterre is that part of the Auditorum which is at ground level.

Smoke Machine

A Smoke Machine or Fog Machine is a machine that heats up an oil which turns into a vapour which in turn can be expelled onto the stage and appears as fog or smoke’ They are used extensivly at concerts where they catch the lighting effects.  

Fog Machine

A Fog Machine can come as a “Dry Ice” machine, whereby the dry ice is heated thus producing a white vapour. The Smoke Machine is a machine that heats up a special fluid which turns into a similar vapor. Both machines can in turn expell onto the stage, what appears to be a white fog […]

Mise en Scene

Mise en Scene means, all the visual content on the stage, including the performers, the scenery, the props, etc. Everything!  

French Brace

A French Brace or Jack Brace is a wooden construction of three lengths of timber fixed in the form of an elongated right angle triangle. To make them less noticeable on stage they are painted matt black. Their long side of the right-angle is screwed or hinged to the back of a flat and the […]