A glossary of Stage Terms for students exploring design for Stage and Screen

Lamps: Strand 5kw Tungsten Fresnel

Strand 5kw Tungsten Fresnel fixture, 16amp CEE form plug, manual rigging controls, fitted with 15″Rinbow Pro Colour changer and barn-doors

Lamps: Source Four Zoom Profiles

ECT Source Four Zoom Profiles 750w Tungsten bulb, including “C” clamp and 15amp plug, shaping doors and gel frame. The group of 6 have safety chains fitted  

Iron The

The Iron or Fire Curtain or Safety Curtain is a heavy steel clad fire proof curtain that in an emergency can be dropped in along the front of the stage to seal the stage and back-stage areas from the auditorium and front of house areas in the Theatre. In the video sequence (to be uploaded) […]

Dock Door(s)

The Dock Door or Scene Dock door is a large strong door that allows for large items of scenery, technical equipment, props, animals etc to be brought on stage from outside the theatre. In this example, because street level is higher than the level of the stage ramps are required to enable items to be brought […]

Fly Tower

The Fly Tower is a space high above the stage floor which accommodates the flying system whereby scenery, lamps and other items are flown/hung out of sight of the audience.


OP or Opposite Prompt is the right hand side (stage right) of the stage as from the performer’s view facing the audience. Also see Prompt Side and Prompt Corner.

Off Stage

Off Stage includes areas that are off the stage, areas outside the performance area, such as the wings and backstage.